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By agreeing to the Registration Terms and Conditions, you acknowledge that you are enrolling in the online classes of your own free will and with the understanding that this is a program designed to teach you to use your own natural abilities to bring your mind and my body into a state of relaxation.

You further understand that the content of these classes is in no way intended to be represented as, or in replacement of medical advice. Nor is it a prescription for medical procedure.

Claire Yee advises that you seek the advice of a health-care provider to answer any health-related or pregnancy-related concerns surrounding your pregnancy, labour or birth.

You therefore agree that you will take full responsibility and in no way hold Claire Yee responsible for any complications or outcomes that may occur as a result of your pregnancy, labour, or the birth of your child.

You agree that neither yourself, nor any member of your family will make any claim or initiate any suit against Claire Yee, now or at any time in the future.


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